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Xantos Labs Wants To Make Wealth Creation Easier for Everyday People


When you’re a beginner in the stock market, it can feel intimidating to research and choose stocks and other investments on your own.

Xantos Labs is an SEC-registered investment adviser that builds and manages investment portfolios for everyday folks.

Their goal is to offer a low minimum, low fee, and a premium investing experience to people that don’t have millions in the bank.

xantos labs

In this episode, Xantos Labs founder, Chuk Orakwue shares:

  • What investment strategy they use and why they chose it.
  • How Xantos Labs differs from other investment and trading apps.
  • How they provide the average investor with more solutions than Wall Street.
  • How his company has achieved better returns than the market.

The app is available now in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

xantos labs

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