SWAV Eyewear

Black Veteran Owned Eyewear Brand Inspires You To Pursue Your Vision


SWAV Eyewear is a Black-owned inspirational eyewear brand that sells stylish sunglasses & frames to inspire you to never give up on the vision you have for your life.

SWAV is the world’s first inspirational eyewear company that creates products with a purpose.

The origin of the company began in 2011. While serving in the United States Air Force, company founder, Isaiah Fowler contracted malaria and almost died. He was in the ICU for nearly two weeks fighting for his life. It was then and there that he made a vow that if he survived, he would pursue his dreams fearlessly.

The company has been going strong since 2017 and has now launched its second collection of eyewear, the Trailblazer Collection.

With this new collection, the company is on a mission to illustrate what being a Trailblazer is all about. The gold quote located on the inside of the frames is a reminder to “Be The First.”

SWAV Eyewear


The Trailblazer Collection comes as an Aviator Style and with five color options with different finishes.

All frames carried by SWAV are made with Eco-Friendly material handcrafted with the intention of inspiring you on an intrinsic level.

swav eyewear

Purchase from the new collection here!

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