Cicely Tyson

The Legendary And Iconic Cicely Tyson Has Passed At Age 96


The iconic Cicely Tyson passed today at the age of 96. I hope she got her flowers while she was here. My oldest memory of Ms. Tyson was as Miss Jane Pittman. That book will forever be embedded in the psyche of my adolescent memories.

cicely tyson
Lawd, to think of all that she is, all that she has done. All of the LIFE she has lived. The many lifetimes she has not only been a shining star, a woman, a Black woman but a very dark-complexioned woman who modeled the epitome of beauty and grace for me and so many other Black girls.

Peace, Light, and Progress to the Spirit of Cicely Tyson. Daughter of immigrants from Nevis. An indomitable woman. And a force of nature. A giant of a woman.


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