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Black Designer Spotlight – WeWearWavy


“Black Designer Spotlight” is a segment that will focus on up and coming and seasoned designers in the fashion and design industry.

We’d like to  begin by introducing Amadi Rubie, founder of WeWearWavy. After his successful debut in New York City’s art scene, Amadi, an award-winning visual artist, relaunched WeWearWavy, a minimalist streetwear brand.

WeWearWavy is a counterculture brand that incorporates the emotional complexity of the human mind pulled from our thoughts, feelings, nightmares, and situations that we live in.

Amadi Rubie, founder of WeWearWavy

Family legacy

Entrepreneurship runs in Amadi’s blood. His great grandfather owned a hotel and restaurant in Costa Rica. His grandmother and grandfather created the Huggy Bean doll, the first black character doll to be mass-produced and sold in national retailers Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Kmart and Target.

His father, Osei, is the founder and president of National Standard Abstract (NSA), a full-service title insurance agency with expertise in residential and commercial real estate transactions.


“Musical artist XXXTENTACION was a huge inspiration for my clothing brand. His versatility in music, manner of speaking, and inspirational speeches spoke to me in a way nothing or no one else could. His personality and ability to be free, to be himself, empowered me to speak about my depression and express it effectively through my art in any way that made me happy,” said Amadi.

Rubie’s artistic eye and fashion sense caught the attention of LA model Ritta Kelly, fellow streetwear fashion designer Justin Noll, illustrators Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Christopher Cayco who have worn his designs. 

“Fashion is the creative freedom to experiment with colors and patterns that showcase your individuality. I wanted to create a brand that resonates with art enthusiasts by offering a unique fit and feel that is different from the norm. WeWearWavy was inspired  by my love of fashion and putting raw emotions into my clothing designs in the moment you feel them.”

Black Designer

Meaning behind the brand

“You are not alone” that is the message I want to send with my clothing brand. The things you think about those thoughts, other people have those same thoughts. When you express a certain emotion it expresses a certain level of comfort.

Dream Collaborations

There are only two designers that I admire the most and I’d really love to work with. Billie Eilish and Everard Best. As you may have seen Billie Eilish is a big advocate for fashion and has very interesting and different tastes in clothing and I’d love to see the ideas we could come up with if I ever have the privilege of working with her.

Black Designer

Everard Best is an amazing fashion designer known for working with Off-White under Vigil Abloh and Heron Preston. I think it would be really amazing to work with him as well.

His abilities to mend fabric with different sewing techniques and designs as well as his ability to dye fabric with interesting gradients is unique and I feel the collaboration would be very interesting if I get the chance.


Do what you want. Train your mind to deconstruct and reconstruct to see how things are made. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and try to express your best and or worse self through your designs.


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