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Black Owned Businesses That Most Likely Serve Better Fried Chicken Than Popeyes


I must admit, when I started to see posts here and there about Popeyes, I thought it was odd but random. Then I noticed that this past week, there’s been growing pandemonium about fried chicken sandwiches and people are both overjoyed and MAD about it.

Folks have been comparing the mass hysteria to minstrelsy. Personally, while I actually think it’s comical and don’t feel a need to be up in arms, I still acknowledge the importance of SHOPPING BLACK whenever possible.

So here’s a list of Black owned restaurants and chefs who are serving up their own juicy fried chicken sandwiches. And S/O to BlackFoodie.Co for gathering most of this info!
If you’re a Black Foodie, check out their site. And if you REALLY want to take action, find out how you can help us build the dopest directory of Black owned businesses, GLOBALLY 😉

Roots Chicken Shak (Plano, TX)

Bellis Bistro (Milwaukee, WI) 

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken (Multiple locations)

Country Cookin (Philadelphia, PA) 

Taste This (Baltimore, MD)

Ms Carters Kitchen (Baltimore, MD)


Soule (Chicago, IL)

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles (Detroit, MI)

Papi Cuisine (Baltimore, MD)

Sunnyside Cafe (Baltimore, MD)

Yo’ Mama’s (Birmingham, AL)

Jacob Restaurant (Harlem, NY)

Soul Bowl (Minneapolis, MN)


We Shukin (Miami, FL) 

Comfort LA (Los Angeles, CA)


Nana’s Chicken & Waffles (Conyers, GA)

Smitty & Mo’s (Newark, NJ)

South (Philadelphia, PA)

The Crabby Shack (Brooklyn, NY)

-Tony O. Lawson (@thebusyafrican)




  1. We have an air fried chicken sandwiches with all the flavor and 1000mg less sodium and no trans fat (which Popeys and chili fila has 650 mg) ..

    How can our sandwich be featured ?

  2. I’m so glad you posted this article, I will be visiting the black owned restaurant in my area and taken my friends.

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