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14 Black Owned Home Decor Companies

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The home decor market is growing at a steady pace. This is partly due to a relatively strong real estate market and the fact that nowadays, everyone from millennials and Generation X-ers, wants to personalize their home and office spaces.  Black owned Home Decor Companies that can offer quality and convenience to savvy consumers like these are in a position to succeed.

Black Owned Home Decor Companies

Hana Getachew started Bolé Road Textiles out of a desire to merge her love of Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with her career in interior design.


Malene Barnett is a leading art and design brand that fearlessly merges contemporary fine art with the principles of digital design.


Expedition Subsahara is ​a​ ​company​ where beautiful​ ​home​ ​decor​ ​and accessories​ ​translate​ ​into​ ​education for women.

Black Owned Home Decor

Black Pepper Paperie Co. is a design + makers studio founded by Hadiya Williams. This studio is a collection of handmade clayware, jewelry, and printed works.

Black Owned Home Decor

Sheila Bridges Design, Inc is committed to creating high-end, interior spaces that are thought-evoking and visually interesting while also comfortable and livable.

Rayo & Honey creates Goods With Positive Intent: hand made pennants combining urban pop-culture & modern design aesthetic.

Reflektion Design is a home accessories brand for culturally inspired people who love to express their authentic self through design.

Justina Blakeney’s lifestyle brand, Justina Blakeney Home™, includes a wide range of lifestyle and home products including furniture, case goods, rugs, pillows, wallpaper, bedding and stationery.

Rochelle Porter is a lifestyle brand that’s big on sustainable textile and product design. From vibrant abstract watercolors to crisp black and white motifs.


Eva Sonaike (Feature Image) is a lifestyle company that produces luxurious home décor, fashion accessories and textiles.

Don’t Sleep Interiors started from a desire to combine interior decor & culture from the African Diaspora with social & political consciousness.

Black Owned Home Decor

BLK MKT Vintage offers a collection of super-black curiosities, heirlooms, and collectibles.

xNasozi offers African print pillows & home decor, including curtains, and accent furniture. They specialize in custom, handmade, and Fair Trade prodcts from Uganda.

Livvy& Neva offers fashionable, top quality pillows designed from excellent-condition or never used vintage textiles and new contemporary fabrics.


-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG @thebusyafrican)

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