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12 Black Interior Designers You Should Know

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From organizing rooms, picking flooring and the right shutters from, to finding furniture to complement it all, a good interior designer should be able to transform your tastes and ideas into designs that are representative of your style, as well as help you design your home while you’re picking out a twin mattress.

Here are some Black interior designers that can meet those needs and more.

Black Interior Designers

Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom are the founders of Ishka designs, an interior design firm that creates efficiently beautiful interior experiences that lean towards minimalism.

Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason are the creators of Aphrochic, an interior design brand focused on high-end commercial and residential design.

Danielle Colding is founder of Danielle Colding Design, inc., a full-service interior design firm has taken on a wide variety of projects from high-end residential to distinctive commercial design projects both in the United States and abroad.

Nicole Gibbons runs Nicole Gibbons Studio, a full-service design company specializing in high-style residential and commercial interiors that combine timeless sophistication with a fresh, modern edge.

black interior designers

?l?r? interiors is a full service space curation firm specializing in residential & commercial interiors and hospitality design.

Daryl Carter is an internationally-known interior decorator, furniture designer, lighting designer, published author, and has an eponymous home boutique.

Dominique Calhoun owner and founder of Remix Living. Her main goal is to remove the stress from your design dilemmas and to create a remarkable experience. Perhaps he was inspired by

Erin Shakoor is the owner of Shakoor Interiors, an interior design and renovation firm specializing in exclusive residences, boutique commercial spaces and historic & vintage properties.

Rayman Boozer is principal designer and CEO of Apartment 48. He has worked with clients on a multitude of projects including modern lofts, television studios, summer homes, and commercial offices.

Nile Johnson is the owner of Nile Johnson Interior Design, a boutique design firm that specializes in comfortable, curated, and elevated spaces.

Michel Smith Boyd’s breadth of influence includes residential and commercial interior design as well as curated collections of luxe rugs, fabrics and trims.

Kesha Franklin is defined by a commitment to a highly-personalized service for luxury interiors.

-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG @thebusyafrican)

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  1. Amazing coverage! Congratulations to all of the interior designers mentioned in the piece, many of whom are my design industry friends and peers!! As a fellow black owned interior design studio based in NYC, we also welcome those from here and abroad interested in shopping and supporting black. Thank you! IG @keitaturnerdesign

  2. Great Inspiration. It is good to see others so successful in a field that has so much significance. We look forward to building with you all in the future. IG @2tribes1nation

  3. Absolutely beautiful, I love it. I too aspire to become an owner of a furniture boutique I am elated to see that it’s being done successfully. Congrats to you all.

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