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First Black Owned Pet Store opens in Gary


After 18 years as the owner and operator of a trucking company, Gary M. Carlton decided to pursue his dream of owning a pet store.

All Pet Supplies, the first Black owned pet store in Gary, Indiana, opened on February 23rd.

“I love animals and have always dreamed of opening a pet store in order to provide top quality pet products and services,” said Carlton.

“Pet parents want the best for their animal companions, a quality shopping experience, and good value when shopping for food and pet necessities. Now the citizens of Gary and surrounding areas do not have to travel far in order to purchase pet supplies, they can save time and gas and shop close to home.”

All Pet Supplies, located at 3982 Broadway, opened its doors to the local community and pet parents to celebrate its grand opening event.  The store is the new go to place for pet food, toys and supplies. It also offers a broad range of pet food—from natural and holistic foods to popular grocery brands.

All Pet Supplies will feature pet supplies like fish tanks, birdcages, and reptile food, everything you need for your pets. The first 25 neighbors received a gift package and other free giveaways.

The opening events included fun activities, refreshments, raffles and music. In the future the store will host a variety of pet seminars, as well as “Puppies for adoption,” hosted by the Gary Humane Society.

All Pet Supplies features nearly 1,400 square feet of space, providing pet parents with a comprehensive line of pet products. The pet store’s future plans will be to offer various pet services that will be beneficial not only to your pet, but for the pet parents as well.

While All Pet Supplies is offering quality products to the community, the store will also aim to be a strong supporter of the local community.

Through a combination of supporting local events like, sponsoring causes that are important to community members, All Pet Supplies’ future plans are to work with local shelters and their animal adoption programs.


Source: The Chicago Crusader


  1. I am glad we have a pet store in our community I am tired of going to Route 30 just for some dog and cat food and I definitely love they customer service is clean in there this bright and congratulations

  2. What’s happening Kinfolk? Just wanted to extend best regards and wishes too a good representative of Gary In. Gary Carlton has grind hard too bring his (Dream) Into reality. Stand Up GI stop by and holla at your very own!!!

  3. Awesome! I will definitively patronize this black owned business with items for my chocolate lab, Coco!

  4. It would NICE if they would offer pet grooming, and a self-service dog wash. I would most definitely use the service..

  5. It would be really if you had a website where customers could shop online. I do live in Gary, Indiana but would love to support this business!

  6. I’m a blackman I support black owned businesses I think there should be more even in where I live I live in Massachusetts. I just had won a bet on who can breed there bettafish first me or the guy named Matt at Dave’s he could never breed bettafish I won.

  7. To all my black people we need to start taking african cichlid fish out of places like texas and any trump states and bring them to my or any black demacrat areas only and take hip-hop clothing out of any trump supporters states and bring them back into to black community .

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