black owned Venture Capital

Black Owned Venture Capital, Private Equity & Angel Investment Firms


Less than 1% of American venture capital backed founders are Black and the percentage of Black people in decision making roles within the venture capital arena is not much higher. This lack of diversity within investment firms ultimately translates to a lack of diversity in the companies that they invest in.

The good news is that there are a growing number of Black owned venture capital and other investment firms run by people of color who understand that Black founders present a large and untapped market.

These investors make it a point to include Black startups in their portfolio, and in some cases, focus solely on underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Black Owned Venture Capital, Private Equity & Angel Investment Firms

Collab Capital is an investment fund leveraging financial, human, and social capital to help founders build sustainable, technology enabled businesses

Collab Capital Managing partners Barry Givens,  Jewel Solomon Burks and Justin Dawkins

Black Star Fund is an angel/venture fund that focuses primarily on early-stage technology companies.

Serena Ventures focuses on early stage companies and giving them the opportunity to be heard.

GenNx360 Capital Partners is a private equity firm that focuses its investments in industrial and business services companies in the U.S. middle market.

Daphne Dufresne-Managing Partner – GenNx360

Authentic Ventures is a seed and early stage Venture Capital Firm that believes that a strong, inclusive network of founders, operators, and investors can accomplish great things.

Lindsay Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Authentic Ventures

Impact America Fund is an investment company that funds market opportunities that use technology to enhance the lives of all Americans.

Kesha Cash – Founder and General Partner – Impact America Fund

645 Ventures is a seed to Series A VC firm that applies a data-intensive approach to investing in top software and Internet companies.

Nnamdi Okike, Co-Founder & General Partner – 645 Ventures

Backstage Capital is a venture capital fund that invests in new companies led by underrepresented founders in the U.S.

Arlan Hamilton –
Founder & Managing Partner – Backstage Capital

Harlem Capital Partners is a diversity focused venture capital fund that invests in early stage companies focused on tech-enabled services, retail, and real estate.

Harlem Capital co-founders, Henri Pierre-Jacques and Jarrid Tingle.

Precursor Ventures operates as an early-stage venture capital firm. The company invests in seed and early-stage consumer, digital health, education, Fintech, hardware, and SaaS companies.

black owned Venture Capital
Charles Hudson, Managing Partner and Founder of Precursor Ventures

KICVentures is an investment holding company that creates, invests and manages several portfolio companies in the health-tech sector.

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin — Managing Partner & CEO – KICVentures

Fairview Capital Partners is a leading venture capital and private equity investment management firm. They implement innovative fund of funds, co-investment, and customized investment strategies for institutional investors.

JoAnn H. Price – CO-FOUNDER / MANAGING PARTNER of Fairview Capital Partners

The Bronze Venture Fund makes and manages innovative investments that align strong financial returns with positive social impact.

Stephen DeBerry – founder and chief investment officer – The Bronze Venture Fund

DiverseCity Ventures (Sacramento, CA) invests in scalable, technology-enabled companies that have a social, economic, or environmental impact and high potential for outsized returns.

black owned Venture Capital
Mariah Lichtenstern, Founder and CEO -DiverseCity Ventures

Cross Culture Ventures  invests in and develops companies that fuel shifts in cultural trends and behaviors within an increasingly diverse global marketplace.

Marlon Nichols – Co-founder/ Managing Partner- Cross Culture Ventures

Vista Equity Partners is a private equity and venture capital firm focused on financing and forwarding software and technology-enabled startup businesses.

black owned Venture Capital
ROBERT F. SMITH, Founder & CEO of Vista Equity Partners

Base Ventures is a seed-stage fund investing in technology companies.

black owned Venture Capital
Erik Moore – Founder and Managing Partner – Base Ventures

Reinventure Capital is a growth-stage equity and debt investment practice focusing on founders of color and women.

Edward Dugger III –
founding partner and President – Reinventure Capital

Syncom Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm primarily focused on growth stage investments in emerging and underserved segments of the media and communications industry.

black owned Venture Capital
Terry L. Jones, Managing Partner – Syncom Venture Partners

Cleo Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in pre-seed and seed stage tech and tech enabled investments. 

black owned venture capital
Sarah Kunst, Managing Director at Cleo Capital

CRE Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in technology-enabled startup companies.

black owned venture capital
Pule Taukobong, Co-founder & Managing Partner at CRE Venture Capital

Plexo Capital is a hybrid venture capital (VC) firm investing both in emerging VC funds and in early stage companies.

black owned Venture Capital
Lo Toney, Managing Partner at Plexo Capital

Base 10 is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the automation of the real economy.

black owned Venture Capital
Adeyemi Ajao, Co-Founder of Base 10

lllumen Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage and start up companies.

black owned Venture Capital
Daryn Dodson, Managing Director at Illumen Capital


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  1. This is amazing information. I am a 33yo African American with a few great business ideas but haven’t had success with white investors. They are either very condescending or just don’t take interest much so I’ve stopped reaching out. I believe I will feel alot more comfortable having someone I can relate to, guide me. Its not racist, it’s just the way things are apparently.

  2. This Information is amazing
    Bobby McGirt Host of The McGirt Show Global Media @
    & CEO of The Carbuddy Corp LLC @ Carbuddy
    &IG/TheMcGirt Show &
    office 910-813-8525

  3. This article was very nice to see so many different successful black entrepreneur investors. I want to create my own Fitness business the best In the DMV area and Beyond

  4. Im an entrepreneur seeking seed money for a start-up real estate development company. I plan to use the funding to purchase land,property in the local market to improve living conditions in the local community. Thank you.

    • I would like to speak with someone regarding your investors and how they could possibly help my dreams come into fruition. I need personal guidance to help me finalize the last 3 phases of my invention work. I have a provisional patent in place, have a design company in Pillar, and we are currently producing the prototype, however, I have placed that on hold, because I need further guidance and support of someone or group of people that can help myself complete this project with advice and mentorship.

  5. Im an entrepreneur seeking seed money to purchase an commercial property that use to be an skating rink. I would like to have this rink remolded and add to it making it and entertainment center and event venue for different types of activities I can host. This entertainment center and venue will be like no other if I can get funding to help me.

  6. Very enthusiastic entrepreneur, interested in urban revitalization and hydroponics. Open to any advice or suggestions. Currently providing low cost property management initiatives in regards to property maintenance.

  7. I’m an entrepreneur seeking seed money for a start-up real estate development company. I plan to use the funding to purchase rehab and rental property in the local market to improve living conditions in the local community.

  8. Thanks for sharing this information. Access to capital is one of the keys to starting and scaling a business.

    What I would like to see as a follow-up article is a report that shows how many of these companies have made investments and to whom.

    There also appear to be many folks seeking funding visiting this page – based on the comments. My question would be to those folk – have you considered bootstrapping, asking your family or friends, and do you have any traction in your current endeavor.

  9. Thank you for this posting. We are a family in need of financing for small wig store. Help!

  10. This might be the blessing I’ve been waiting on for my business I have totally funded my business from my personal finances business all the lenders and banks don’t want to invest on terms I can work with

  11. I need funding to finishing building my mountain property which I would use for wholistic healing retreats and Airbnb rentals

  12. I am in the early stages of a business that is a win/win for both investors and homeowners at risk of forclosure. The upside potential is tremendous. This article has helped enormously as I did know where to start to move forward with bringing this idea to fruition. I didn’t see a lot in the way of real estate…are there any additional recommendations for this area? (Residential RE – not flipping or new construction)

  13. This site is a godsend. For the past 33 years,I have brokered dozens of viable projects founded by African American entrepreneurs who have a vision and a heart of love to start or expand their businesses that will create opportunities for others. I’m currently consulting and representing project principals from the film,entertainment, and real estate development industries. I and several successful colleagues are forming an investment consortium to expedite funding options and opportunities for serious entrepreneurs. I would like to talk with someone for further direction.

  14. Wow I’m truly amazed.i am 38yrs old with many ideas and products(56)to be exact but my primary focus is the 2 app that I have drawn up and the pulse locket I have designed and am in process of getting a provisional Patten for…I really appreciate reading this and I will be reaching out to allit of these successful black vc for a start up investment maybe even partnership…my app will change the game …facts be on the look out for the app named “challenge”and the “pulse” changers forreal..

  15. Only 1% of Startups are Successful at Raising Capital

    For an investor of any type to invest money into your company, you must show cash flow to prove you can pay them back. For example, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Letter of Intent (LOI), a commitment from a client to buy your solutions, or have a pre-existing customer base. INCOME, NOT IF COME. Partnerships alone, will not do it. Strategy alone, will not do it. Management team alone will not do it. Leadership alone will not do it. Technology alone will not do it.

    It is the combination of all those things, but the most important is SHOWING PROFIT and CASH FLOW. It does not matter what type of investor you seek: Venture Capitalists (VC), Angel Investors, Private Banks, Private Investors, or the UHNW. They are all the same, people with money to invest.

    Employ my advisory service for perfecting and designing portfolio business summary to pitch to investors for successful outcomes.

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  16. Thank you for sharing this information about venture capital. It was useful and interesting. You indeed have written it in a layman way so that anyone can understand and work accordingly. You have done a great job… Great post!!

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