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Philly’s Only Black Owned Cable Provider Bought By Comcast

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Comcast announced it has acquired the cable assets of Black owned cable provider , Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc., a provider of paid television and other services to many residents of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).
 Since the 1970s, Wilco has offered television services to approximately 9,000 PHA housing residents.
The company’s president and founder, Will Daniel, will transition to Chairman of the Board of Wilco, which will continue to operate under current leadership and provide telecom services that include residential and commercial security and surveillance solutions.
Brigitte Daniel, executive vice president of Wilco Electronic Systems, and her father, Will Daniel, president of Wilco Electronic Systems.
Wilco Executive Vice President Brigitte Daniel, and Chief Financial Officer Perry Daniel, will also serve as consultants to Comcast to ensure a smooth transition for Wilco’s cable subscribers.
“We are happy to reach an agreement with Comcast that will now offer PHA residents the ability to be able to reap the benefits of its Internet Essentials program as well as many other advanced technologies,” said Will Daniel.
“The opportunity for PHA communities to obtain these services through Comcast, which was founded by my personal friend Ralph Roberts, is an important step in bridging the digital divide here in Philadelphia.”
In a separate transaction, PHA approved the transfer of Wilco’s license agreement to Comcast.

“Residents of our conventional development communities will now have many more options, including Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, and the ability to bundle their innovative products through a single provider,” said PHA President and CEO Kelvin A. Jeremiah.

“The ability to bring Internet Essentials to PHA residents at our traditional public housing sites will be a tremendous step forward in bridging the digital divide.”


Comcast anticipates that residents will be able to start taking advantage of Xfinity products and services within the next year.
Source: Comcast

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