The Cardi B Comeup: Her Publishing Deal, Celeb Engagement & 8-Carat Engagement Ring

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“Bodak Yellow” superstar Cardi B is officially having her “…and she lived Happily Ever After” moment, but it’s not because of her recent engagement to Offset of The Migos. By the looks of the chatter across social media, it’s debatable whether the proposal, which took place at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert, was staged or not.

Maybe Offset randomly squatting for the proposal rather than dropping to one knee, and maybe their friendship-zone-hug instead of a passionate kiss after he put the 8-carat engagement ring on her finger were telling.

But what is not debatable is Cardi B’s bonafide rags-to-riches story and how strategically she’s controlled her destiny, redirecting it from poverty and abuse towards fame and fortune.

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At 19, the Bronx native was fired from a job at a market while enrolled in college when her boss suggested she try stripping to make ends meet.

It was a physically abusive boyfriend however, with whom she lived, that would give her the motivation and courage to use the stripper pole as her plan of action and ultimate lifeline.

Earning more in one night than a week’s pay at the market, she used her stripper tips to implement an exit strategy out of the abusive relationship and into her own apartment, signaling her path to stardom.

Becoming a local celebrity among NYC gentlemen’s clubs, and gaining millions of followers on social media, she gave herself until 25 to make the most out of the stripper setup. But opportunity came knocking at 23, and Cardi joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: NY before she made her music debut in 2015.

Cardi B

Now having an estimated worth of between $4 – $5 million before even dropping a studio album, and signing a worldwide publishing deal with Sony/ATV, it’s safe to say that Cardi B’s business acumen and upward mobility deserve recognition, even if you can’t get past her hood fabulous image.

But back to this proposal and engagement to Offset. From a strictly numbers perspective, the “Lick” and “MotorSport” couple stand to earn several more millions by starring in a televised wedding reality series. This is likely to happen since BET, who just aired Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir’s wedding, has already tweeted that they are willing to air the Cardi B/Offset nuptials, which the Twittersphere has hilariously dubbed “Never Let Migo.”

cardi b
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Reportedly, BET funded the entire $1 million ceremony, in addition to paying Gucci $400,000 and Ka’oir $250,000 for the right to broadcast an 8-episode series leading up to their October wedding, and 2 million viewers tuned in to watch The Mane Event. This is why BET tried it by tweeting early dibs to air the Cardi B/Offset wedding, but the former Love & Hip Hop star will likely get another check from Mona Scott on VH1

Let me add to the plot: a week ago Cardi B’s long term love, street hustler and independent label owner Tommy Geez, who refers to Cardi B as his “wife”, was just released from a 4-year prison sentence.

I can see the makings of a high drama series with the “gimme schmoney” rapper at the center of a hood love triangle! But however producers approach the show, it’s clear that Cardi is, in fact, making money moves!


– Contributed by Mai Perkins

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