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President Obama's US-Africa Leaders Summit 2014. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington DC. African Business Leader: Tony O. Elumelu. PR: KRL International, DC. Photographs by Margarita Corporan

6 Black Owned Banks in the UK


Several members of the SHOPPE BLACK community in London and surrounding areas have reached out to us asking if we know of any Black Owned banks in the UK.

The short answer: Of course we do!


However, we strongly advise doing your own research also in order to make the best decision with your hard earned money.


If you are interested in moving to a Black owned bank, and we assume you are, we also recommend taking a hard look at the leadership and management teams of the banks you are considering. As with any other type of business, a Black CEO does not necessarily mean a Black owned/controlled bank.

With that being said, here’s our list:

Black Owned Banks in the UK

FBN Bank (UK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, with offices in the heart of the City of London. FBN was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in March 1894, with a head office in Liverpool. They are the “London bank for Nigerians, either resident in the UK or simply visiting.” MD and CEO: Dr. Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan (FCA)


Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited is the fully owned subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, one of the leading financial services providers in Nigeria. They have business operations spanning the United Kingdom, West Africa and East Africa. Managing Director and CEO: Adekunle Adebiyi


Ghana International Bank (GHIB) which was incorporated in 1998, took over the London operations of Ghana Commercial Bank with the latter retaining a 20% ownership of the new bank. Ownership is now shared with other Ghanaian state institutions. The Central Bank of Ghana is the major shareholder (51%) while other stakes are held by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust. Managing Director and CEO: Joe Mensah

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UBA Capital Europe Limited is a wholesale, investment bank and the London banking subsidiary of UBA Plc. It is also the first sub-Saharan bank to expand into North America when it opened its New York office in 1984 to offer banking services to Africans in Diaspora. Chairman: Tony O. Elumelu

black owned banks

Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd is a member of the Nigerian-based Zenith Bank Group. In March 2007, Zenith Bank was licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom to establish Zenith Bank (UK) Limited. Zenith Bank Plc also has subsidiaries and representative offices in West Africa, South Africa and The People’s Republic of China. Chairman and Co-founder: Jim Ovia


Union Bank (UK )Plc is a subsidiary of the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, one of the oldest banks in West Africa. They have been operating in London since 1983, firstly as the London branch of their parent bank, and since October 2004 as an independently incorporated UK bank. Chief Executive Officer: Emeka Emuwa



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  1. I would like more information on banks , Charity’s, Organisations
    I would rather spend my money time and efforts in supporting my people of color.

    • Rather than wait for someone to send me the information, I’m going to Google to find this out myself.

  2. I am in the United Stated and we didn’t have Black banks or credit unions. If we started one it is taken over by the white bankers. When I found out that they had 6 Black own Banks. I love it, I really do. I am with the B. S. A. Boys Scouts of America, We have a large number of Black Students that need to know about what we own. I am so happy and proud of all of my Sisters and Brothers achievements that is really making a different, I Love it. We have to teach the youth how to owns Banks and Credit Unions etc. Our kids is told that Africa have nothing but poor people, sold into modern slavery, the news showed that you are nothing but bush people. If the US want Genny pigs they go to Africa. You are our brothers and sisters, I will tell all of our people and show our people we can and we are. Our kids need to know stocks, Investment, Home ownership and a better education about Business. Some of the other things is to bad to even talk about. We are all people and we should love each other, God gave all of us gifts.

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