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black owned businesses in Paris

16 Black Owned Businesses in Paris

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We’re back at it with another guide to shopping Black in the Diaspora. This time, we’re highlighting 16 Black owned businesses in Paris.  Let’s show some love to our brothers and sisters in the “City of Light”.

Black Owned Businesses in Paris



Café Dapper by Chef Loïc Dablé  is located a stone’s throw from Champs Elysées. The restaurant Café Dapper Loïc Dablé is set in Dapper Museum, a place dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean and its diasporas. Dablé has been called the creator of “Afrofusion” – an ingenious mix of African and Western flavors. Loic Dable is a Parisian whose family comes from the Ivory Coast.

black owned businesses in paris

Dear Muesli is an organic cereal brand created by the “Muesli Boys”, Sylvain and brothers, Dikom and Bakang. This brand is not available in stores. The only way to get your hands on it is to go to their website and create your mix of dried fruit and nuts, seeds or chocolate chips. Once you have created your mix, it will be delivered directly to you within 2 days. (If you live in France)

black owned businesses in paris

Black Spoon is the first food truck in Paris to offer African cuisine. Senegalese owner, Fati Niang describes it as a “traveling African restaurant.” She offers several dishes including Tiep bou Dienn, a Senegalese national fish dish, mafé , a peanut sauce dish and Yassa chicken.

black owned businesses in paris


Paule-Marie Assandre is the designer behind the NIKAULE brand of clothing. She describes her brand as a cross between tradition and modernity, that reveals an inspiring continent in harmony with the rest of the world.

black owned businesses in paris

Natasha Baco is a designer clothing collection for women designed by Natasha Baco. Her creations are released in limited editions and designed by craftsmen in France, with the permanent attention to detail. Natacha Baco offers fashion, decor and accessories.

black owned businesses in paris

Sakina M’sa is fashion designer of Comorian origin. Sakina’s collections echo her personal values: cross-cultural inspiration, highlight of the “made in France” know-how, and use of ecological or recycled materials. Her innovative and comprehensive approach to fight the social and economic exclusion of disadvantaged women was recognized by the Kering Foundation with a Social Entrepreneurs Award in 2010.

black owned businesses in paris

Adama Amanda Ndiaye is a Senegalese fashion designer. She also goes by the name Adama Paris, which is also the name of the label she owns and operates. She is the brains behind Black Fashion Week, an event created to help promote the talented black designers and models that she felt were being ignored by the industry.

black owned businesses in paris

INYÜ is an online marketplace for African designers to sell their designs to a broader audience and make African-inspired clothing more accessible.

black owned businesses in parisArtistic director Lodia Kpodzro tapped into her Togolese roots to create BaZara’pagne. Her brand represents the love of two different worlds and the desire to bring them together. The brand market’s products made by artisans in Togo. Their purpose is to democratize African printed fabrics through fashion accessories.

black owned businesses in parisNefer by Daniel Tohou  is a high fashion brand for men that combines Parisian elegance and African heritage. Daniel is inspired by the artistic effervescence, music and especially the clothing of the “Harlem Renaissance”.

black owned businesses in parisHOME DECOR

Myriam Maxo tells a story through fabrics with abstract patterns and wax that provide a touch of fantasy with contemporary design. Inspired by many regions, including Africa and its warm colors,this interior designer takes pleasure in creating furniture, decorative items and other odds and ends. Myriam is sensitive to African cultures that are similar to her Caribbean roots.

black owned businesses in paris


Visiter L’Afrique or “Visiting Africa” ​​is an interactive digital platform dedicated to tourism and culture on the African continent. Residents tell of their daily lives and we discover their village, their town and their country. Visiter L’Afrique covers the continent from East to West and from North to South, with the cooperation and participation of the people of Africa. Visiter L’Afrique was founded by Diane Audrey Ngako, a Parisian born in Cameroon.

black owned businesses in paris


Présence Africaine is a pan-African quarterly cultural, political, and literary magazine, founded by Seneglese-born Alioune Diop in 1947. In 1949, Présence Africaine expanded to include a publishing house and a bookstore on the rue des Écoles in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Editions Présence Africaine was the first imprint to publish most of the best known Francophone African writers of the 20th century.

black owned businesses in paris


Tonjé Bakang Tonje is the creator of Afrostream, a movie streaming service that only features African and African-American content. It has been dubbed, “The Netflix of Africa”. In October 2015, AfroStream has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from several VC funds including Cross Culture Ventures. a Black owned Venture Capital firm located in California.

black owned businesses in paris



Alexis Peskine is a Parisian resident whose is renowned for his work on race and identity issues in France. He is a 2004 Fulbright Scholar who holds a B.F.A. from Howard University an M.A. and M.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Alexis draws inspiration from his paternal grandfather who survived a German concentration camp, to his maternal grandfather who lived in the favelas of Salvador, Bahia, to his own Franco-Russian father and Afro-Brazilian mother.

black owned businesses in paris

Massira Keita designs are inspired by Dutch African wax and fashion. Using a graphics tablet, a software sketchbook and photos of wax fabrics, Massira draws or creates outfits from her imagination. She is inspired by a fashion that is both contemporary and African.

black owned businesses in paris

There you have it, 16 Black owned businesses in Paris and they’re all pretty dope! SUBSCRIBE below to get more great content as soon as it’s available!

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